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The glory days of wholesaler distribution are over. Many asset managers still cling to the old assumptions that underlie their current sales models. Incremental refinements of old models have proven to be largely ineffective. Today, an effective sales model requires an entirely new strategy that accommodates fundamental shifts in the market.

Interactive Communications helps leading asset managers match the right resources and sales approach with the way advisors buy today.  We address shifts in the marketplace that require fresh thinking and new sales methods that ensures our clients are always on top of wholesaler distribution best practices.


Advisors are using the internet to pre-shop and assess competing products.  It’s faster, unbiased, and often more efficient than learning from a wholesaler.


Shrinking margins and advisor preferences are driving a substantial shift from outside sales to inside sales desks and hybrids.


We help firms shift from the traditional wholesaler model with: RESULTS™ sales consulting and training.




57% of the buying decision is now made before a conversation with a sales person.[1]   60% of advisors prefer to search for information online rather than call a wholesaler.[2]   

Why is this important?

  1. The traditional consultative sales process no longer works.
  2. Firms need to get an advisor’s attention sooner and at the right time.
  3. Advisors require knowledge from wholesalers that goes beyond their own products.

Predictions suggest a 10% drop in external positions and 10% rise in internals.[3]   

Why is this important?

  1. Internals, hybrids, and their managers will need a higher skill level. 
  2. Technology changes and time constraints will drive more conversations to the phone and the web.
  3. Firms need to reexamine their wholesaling resources, roles and responsibilities, and metrics to improve margins.


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