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Because advisors have changed the way they buy, sales desks need to change the way they sell.


RESULTS™, our signature program designed exclusively for sales desks, will help your team:

  • Assess where you are on the sales efficiency and effectiveness continuum
  • Get the right advisor’s attention
  • Deliver effective personalized conversations
  • Drive more predictable sales results
  • Develop a solid foundation for acquiring advanced skills

Interactive Communications customizes RESULTS™ to the size, needs, and culture of your firm and offers the program to internals, hybrids and sales desk managers. Since advisors needs and preferences change, we revise RESULTS™ annually to reflect new skill requirements


The RESULTS™ Process

Our process takes into account where your organization is today integrates the skills required to generate success going forward.

  • Customize the RESULTS™ program to get you to the next level
  • Provide online course content prework
  • Deliver on-site training that emphasizes interactive practice
  • Conduct online skill drills, post-test assessment, and targeted reinforcement
  • Help you design metrics to ensure accountability and measure impact


Making it Stick:  Management Support and Ongoing Reinforcement

Because sales managers are the key to successful execution, Interactive Communications principals provide post-training support to sales desk managers through a companion RESULTS™ coaching program, which includes feedback on skill drills and post-test results for each internal.

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Results  The Next Level

If you have a foundation in place, what will it take to get your sales desk to the next level? It’s different for every internal team.

RESULTS™: The Next Level  (TNL) is a unique package of customized workshops and consulting support that helps firms identify and successfully address specific issues that will give them the biggest sales lift.   For example, we work with firms that need help:

  • Closing and asking better questions
  • Creating more effective emails and voicemails
  • Targeting the right advisors
  • Improving their internal-external partnering process
  • Developing new measurements to drive desired behaviors

The RESULTS™ TNL package includes:

  • An assessment of your sales desk
  • Quarterly onsite consulting days
  • Best practices and tools for implementation
  • Results SaleShots—interactive online skill workshops lead by Interactive Communications (weekly sessions for 12 months)

Download a RESULTS The Next Level fact sheet.

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Results  for Sales Desk Managers

It’s critical that your sales managers are able to model the behaviors they expect from their wholesalers. For many—especially those who have risen through the ranks— this represents a new skill set. What made wholesaler alums successful just a short time ago is no longer enough. Managers not only need new skills, they need the expertise to effectively coach behavioral change.

RESULTS™ for Sales Desk Managers includes:

  • Accelerated selling skills focusing on new areas that teams need to master
  • Support in designing metrics to drive behavioral change
  • A sales coaching process that links to the RESULTS™ sales process
  • Skills in how to customize the coaching process for each individual
  • Tools for ongoing reinforcement

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Results  for Hybrid Wholesalers

If they have the necessary skills, hybrid wholesalers can reduce distribution costs while generating substantial business. Adopting the best territory management practices of internal wholesalers and modifying those of externals will only get them so far. Hybrids need their own approach and discipline.

Whether hybrids cover a geographic territory or a virtual one, travel frequently or only a few times a year, have access to cutting edge technology or the bare minimum, this course provides a framework to help optimize their time and bring in more business. It provides essential training for hybrid wholesalers as well as internal wholesalers and their managers who are transitioning to a hybrid model.

The program includes:

  • Best practices for hybrids
  • Touch-point strategies and tools for decision making
  • Targeting for hybrids
  • Organizational considerations for managers

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Results  Consulting

Clients hire Interactive Communications to validate assumptions, gain perspective, challenge their thinking and help implement change. Interactive tells it like it is (even if it might be painful), and our clients get measurable results more quickly.

Consulting engagements typically work via retainer and allow clients to mix and match components of other Interactive Communications programs. Through consulting, Interactive Communications helps clients solve their most pressing issues. Some examples:


Perform sales assessments

  • Determine how your firm / sales teams stack up against its competitors
  • Travel and observe wholesalers (externals, internal and hybrids) to recommend skill development and strategy needs

Increase Sales Results

  • Design advanced metrics that drive ‘good’ sales behaviors
  • Uncover obstacles that create a drag on sales momentum
  • Deliver on-site coaching capabilies to ensure consistency and clarity on both skill and messaging
  • Help senior managers upgrade their sales management skills to current conditions.

Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Ensure that the sales force uses effective targeting and segmentation techniques
  • Integrate the selling process with technology to increase productivity
  • Identify and implement best practices that play to the firm’s strengths and value proposition

Realign Distribution Models

  • Determine the best distribution mix to manage cost and align with the right advisors
  • Upgrade roles and responsibilities across the distribution organization to reflect the current environment


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