RESULTS™ 2019 Sales Training


RESULTS™ 2019 Sales Training is Interactive Communications’ core internal wholesaler training program. Designed to help them put in place the sales process they need to bring in and retain assets today, it also gives internals a solid foundation for advanced sales skill development.


More than just a workshop, RESULTS™ 2019 Sales Training combines one or more days of live training with an online pre-work diagnostic and follow up reinforcement. We fully customize all elements of the program to the client’s products and business priorities. Support for the sales desk management team is built in every step of the way

Because the needs and preferences of financial intermediaries frequently change, we update the program every year. That’s why it’s called RESULTS™ 2019 Sales Training.


The RESULTS™ 2019 Sales Training program helps internal wholesalers learn how to:

  • R esearch and prepare so they can personalize the conversation.
  • E ngage the advisor in a way that gets their attention and encourages advisors to talk.
  • S ize up the situation by asking questions and employing other linguistic techniques.
  • U se benefits as well as features to let advisors understand what’s in it for them.
  • L ay concerns to rest by recognizing, eliciting and even preventing objections.
  • T ie down next steps by establishing who will do what by when (especially the advisor).
  • S et up future conversations with effective CRM input and prep for the next conversation.

Program Description

Want a PDF with this information and more? We got it.



Hybrid Wholesalers


Hybrids need RESULTS™ 2019 Sales Training, too! If you want to train a group, we can provide hybrid-specific customization that will help them make the most of their home office time.


Sales Desk Managers


The way to go if you want your sales desk management team to be master coaches and drive internal wholesaler sales skill development in the RESULTS™ 2019 sales process.



Want RESULTS for hybrid wholesalers or sales desk managers. Here you go!