What's Your Sales Handicap

Advisors know more about you than you do about them.

At least they think they do (especially if you are an internal wholesaler).  And you think they don’t.

Holy preconceived notions Batman! Some of the not-so-great internal pitchers have given the position a bad rap.


Might you (a tiny bit) be annoyed about that and more annoyed at those advisors who go out of their way to be not so nice (or even ignore your calls and emails)?

Congratulations dude.  You’re normal (maybe).

Yet, feeling somewhat victimized is the kiss of death in sales—a spiral that goes directly to bad neighborhoods.

So, check your spiral.  And don’t try harder.  The best sales reps are practicing with a new set of clubs.

What new approach can you try to open a call with an advisor that will motivate them to stay on the phone?  Hint – it has nothing to do with product or you – it has to be about them.

Here’s an idea some of the great internals use when opening a call with prospects:

“We’ve never spoken before and you probably were not expecting my call.  Based on what I’ve learned from your LinkedIn profile (or google, website – substitute what is best), I may be able to help you save some time, especially in managing your lower end clients.  Would you be willing to answer a few questions to determine if what I have makes sense for you given your current priorities?”

(and their first question is NOT “tell me about your business”).

My guess is there are lots of good examples of opening lines (and the process to develop them) out there — anybody have a particularly talented internal that has had success in this area?