Where is the Love?

Hey Joe, what’s the good word?

Stan my man, how’s it going?

Hey dude, what’s shaking? Still livin’ the dream?

Yo Chris! Got a quick second for a sales idea? 

How ‘bout this market my good friend?

Hey buddy, what’s happening?

Dude! Where’s the love?

If this is your opening, you have 5 guys behind you saying the same thing.  A great way to derail an advisor conversation is to do the expected.

Have you been sabotaging your conversations with rapport about March Madness and thinking you are moving the relationship/sale forward?  

(Ok, ok, I know March Madness is important...If the advisor always takes your call, hoops may be the right way to go...) 

But if you've been dripping for awhile, you finally get through, and half of that sacred time goes to small talk, don’t be surprised if there are no next steps. The transition from personal rapport to business can be dicey and busy advisors often default to whaddya got, just before gotta jump.  At that point, you’ve lost control of the conversation and are headed for the dreaded I'll take a look at it.

So how about if you mix it up and surprise the advisor with something that is unexpected, puts you in control of the conversation and signals you are serious about how YOU help?

AT THE RISK OF OBJECTIONS FROM LOTS OF RAPPORT LOVERS OUT THERE, here’s a thought that might get the advisor's attention and raise your stature in the beyond product arena.

Bob – I'm glad we finally connected!

I’m calling today because I’m worried about something. Most of the advisors I talk to are concerned, and rightly so, about the massive changes across the financial industry and what the future holds for them.  

I’m worried I might be falling short in helping you make change work FOR you vs. against you.  It's probably no surprise that DOL, robos, fee transparency etc. are symptoms of a bigger issue; How will advisors adapt the way they do business to succeed going forward? 

Would it be ok if we spend a few minutes today looking at the larger picture of where you see your practice headed? Perhaps I can lessen your struggles or at the very least, share with you what some of the more successful advisors are doing…

And you are off to the races with the unexpected and an advisor that wants to answer your questions and see you again soon.

PS:  Rest assured that you will not have to come up with an earth-shattering solution.  It will be the small suggestions that make a big difference. 

Today finding someone who asks thoughtful questions and listens has a competitive advantage in the relationship arena, right good buddy?