I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

It’s cold, rainy/snowy and the holiday hangover just won’t quit.  

Is radio silence still the only song playing in your headset?

Raise your hand if these sound familiar:

  • Advisors aren’t answering the phone
  • No money is moving
  • More advisors are just using the models
  • Client are focused on fees – only ETFs are selling
  • Active management is out of favor
  • Advisors are waiting for the impact of:  DOL, Trump (before that it was the election), interest rates, end of bull market, add yours here______
  • The press isn’t helping: 5 Ominous Signs for the Securities Industry

The sky is falling chicken little

Woe be the internal who tries to combat the blues with ‘back in the day’  

  • Opening prospect calls with a cheery: Hi it’s x, how are you? do you have a couple of quick seconds…”
  • Sending template emails to webinar attendees or advisors who clicked on your site.
  • Leading with performance.  The new buzzword for sales desk success is strategic thinking. Good strategy drives good activity.  Strategic thinking is a learned skill.  I’m pretty sure it’s not part of job descriptions or performance reviews.

Here’s two questions to ponder:

How are you developing your internals’ strategic skills?
How is your overall strategy for the desk different in 2017 than it was in 2016?  In particular:

  • Gaining access
  • Relationship management
  • Pipeline management
  • Quality conversations
  • Smart touchpoints
  • Internal / External partnerships

Maybe you need to learn more than you know now?