Winners and Losers

Quick:  What’s your winning ‘go-to’ sales idea in less than 60 seconds…?

Let’s start with the LOSERS:

  • Anything that has “downside protection with upside opportunity.”.…YAWN, don’t they all?
  • A liquid alternative (sometimes with a ‘boutique” firm…) different from the 650+ out there. Really?
  • How ’bout an interesting ETF… you’re kidding right?

Ok let’s pivot:  Practice management? Or maybe social media? Access to PMs?  Portfolio optimization tool?

Attention sports fans:  Advisors are drowning in product and programs.


They don’t need more choices or anything that takes more time or work. They need:

Help in re-engineering their conversations with a more educated and demanding audience.
A new approach to prospecting conversations that establishes a personalized connection and survives the pull from robos, consolidation, DOL… etc.
To find out if their top clients are shopping or being wooed by another firm.

WINNER go-to sales ideas:

Bite-size ideas that change the conversation with clients.  Ideas you can suggest to do TODAY.  Something different that makes the advisor want to see you again.

(WARNING –  provide context for the ideas below!)

Context sample: “Many of the advisors I’m talking to are apprehensive about what the industry changes will mean for them.  The best of the best are rethinking their interactions with clients—are they as effective as they can be? What works best with prospective clients? ...

Now you've opened the door to WINNING go-to sales ideas.  Here are three examples:

  • Three new questions to ask during client meetings that can help them really engage the client, qualify and close sooner.
  • Actions to ask for at the end of a first conversation to move a sale forward.
  • What one question to ask a client you want to make sure you keep.

In short, you need to be a sales coach vs. a sales person.

So ask your wholesalers:

What are 2 or 3 go-to sales ideas you are using right now (non-product or value add) that get you noticed?